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A wide variety of leathers can be made into leathers suitable for various purposes by using different kinds of raw materials and different tanning methods. Leather products commonly used leather has the following characteristics.
 (1) Characteristics of cow leather
 Cow leather includes yellow cattle leather, yak leather, and buffalo leather.
 Cattle leather has fine grain, thick skin, high strength, fullness and elasticity, so its products are beautiful, comfortable and durable. Cattle leather is mainly used for clothing, shoes, bags and ball products.
 The consumption of cow leather grain is slightly worse than that of cattle leather, and other properties and uses are similar to that of cow leather.
 Buffalo leather has a rough surface, coarse fibers, and a slightly lower strength than yellow cattle leather. Other properties are similar to that of yellow cattle leather. Buffalo leather is mainly used for making sofas, bags, and leather shoes.
 (2) Characteristics of pig leather leather notebook manufacturer
 The difference between pig leather and cattle and sheep leather is mainly reflected in coarse grain, tight fiber, fullness and poor elasticity. However, the strength of pig leather is similar to that of cow leather, and it is higher than sheep leather, so its products are durable, but Poor aesthetic appearance.
 Pig leather can be used for the production of various leather products.
 (3) The characteristics of sheep leather
 Sheep leather is divided into goat leather and sheep leather.
 Goat leather has fine grain appearance and good softness, but its fastness is worse than that of cow leather. Goat leather products are beautiful and comfortable, but the surface is resistant to friction and durability. Goat leather is mainly used for the production of high-end women's shoes, clothing, gloves and women's handbags.
 Sheep leather is softer than goat leather, but its fastness is less than that of goat leather. Sheep leather products are more beautiful and comfortable to wear, but their durability is poor. Sheep leather is mainly used for the production of clothing, gloves, but also for the production of high-grade leather shoes and soft bags.
 (4) The characteristics of full grain leather  PU Notebook manufacturer
 Full-grain leather refers to the leather that retains and uses the face of an animal's skin (the side on which it grows), also known as the front leather. The surface of full grain leather is used directly without painting, but most of them are beautified.
 Full-grain leather requires high-grade raw hides with little handicap and high processing requirements, so full-grain leather is high-grade leather. Since the surface of the raw hide remains intact on the leather, its fastness properties are good. Generally speaking, the surface of full grain leather is not painted or the coating is thin, which maintains the softness and good air permeability of the leather. With the grain of the leather to reflect the natural style, make it comfortable and beautiful.
 Full-grain leathers are mostly dyed with dyes, so in the industry, full-grain leather, which uses dyes as the main colorant for coating, is usually called aniline leather (or all-aniline leather). This leather dyeing is uniform, the grain pattern is clear, does not use any film-forming substance with a covering effect, and the leather grain pattern is not completely covered by the flow cover; the modified leather surface is only thin and colorless and transparent. The graininess of leather itself can be clearly seen.
 Full grain leather is used in all high-grade leather products. Cleaning and care of such leather products should pay attention to maintaining its unique style and feel.
 (5) Characteristics of semi-aniline leather
 There are some but very shallow disability on the leather grain surface. To cover the disability but retain the natural graininess of the leather, a small amount of pigment and adhesive film and dye should be used to lightly color the leather and form it. A semi-covered layer with a very thin coating makes the leather grain pattern visible.

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