How to maintain leather notebook

Daily maintenance care: daily simple care can make it last new, longer life.
1. After normal use, use a sponge or a soft cloth to wipe off the dust. There is a gap in the edge of the bag. You can use a pointed hat to remove the grime, then put it into a paper mass to prevent the deformation of the leather bag, and use a plastic bag to wrap it in a cool, dry place. Wherever it is, it is best to put 1-2 mothballs to prevent insect bites;
2. If the leather bag is wet, dry the skin of the bag with a dry cloth and place it in a cool place. Otherwise, it will burst.
3. Do not wash and touch chemical solvents when cleaning leather bags;  leather journal manufacturer
4. Regularly use the same colored shoe cream to wipe the leather bag to keep the leather material bright and moist, avoiding the effect of liquid shoe polish;
5. When applying shoe polish to leather goods, avoid applying the shoe cream directly to the leather surface. Apply to soft cloth or sponge first.
Second, in addition to routine maintenance and care, the correct use of the habit is also particularly important: the correct use of habits can increase its durability.
1, leather goods to avoid heavy things, so as to avoid wrinkles and deformation;
2. Avoid colliding with leather and hard objects, so as not to scratch or scratch the surface.

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