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With the development of the custom-made notebook industry in China, the custom notebook industry is maturing. At the same time, the scale of technology has also greatly improved. However, compared with Europe, the United States, Japan, and other countries, there are also certain gaps in manufacturing technology, process design, and product development. However, from the development trend of business notebooks in recent years, we can see that the development trend of business notebooks has generally risen. The development trend has mainly changed to the following aspects.  journal notebook manufacturer
The multifunctionality of the notebook:
Different from the development of a single business notebook function in the past, in recent years, in order to attract consumers' attention. Business notebooks are increasingly high-end in design. Among office supplies, the most functional ones are combinations. They break the product image that traditional notebooks have agreed to. They are free, flexible, and changeable. With a product with more features.
The notebook is simple and practical:
The simplicity and generosity is that the theme is never out of date, and so is the design of business notebook products. Relatively speaking, European countries and the United States favor the product more succinctly than Asian countries, so it can be seen that the export business notebook is too simple compared to the domestic business notebook.
Notebook gradually gentrification:
Compared to the previous practicality, cash business notebooks also pay attention to gentrification, which also stems from the interest of some collections. Since ancient times, stationery has served as a gift for literati and reciprocal, and valuable stationery is even more. Received by collectors, regardless of whether it is a gift or a collectible, is valuable, so the business notebook also embarked on a tall line.

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