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Among the daily office supplies, notebook printing products have always been the most frequently used daily office supplies. In the production of notebooks, it can be said that many users are more approving for printing production companies. The quality of various notebook printing products they produce is not only quality. Good, and cost-effective, today, we come to give you a brief introduction to basic knowledge of printing notebooks, hoping to be able to help everyone.

Notebook printing production and production enterprises in the production process of notebook products, generally will be based on the different requirements of different users to produce products, for example, some users of the production of notebook printing products production requirements are lower, so production production companies will use the general The production process produces the most cost-effective notebook printing products. printed notebook manufacturer
Text typesetting documents, short-lived and short-lived printing with low quality requirements, can be printed on paper (zinc oxide plate), saving copyright fees, compression printing costs, saving time and efficiency.
In addition, printing production and production enterprises provide users with notebook printing products. They also have standards and specifications in choosing printing paper. In the printing of paper, they mainly use offset paper and writing paper, if they are classified according to the weight of the paper. The grammage of paper refers to the weight per square meter of paper.

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