Dear customers, when you inquire, in order to be able to reach faster and easier communication,  we want customers to give us the following information about your customized notebook(or you can ask us for help):
1: QTY ( The qty is very important for price, cover material purchasing, inner page printing machine cost, all related with qty. more qty, more cheap.)
2: Cover Material selection (Cover Material usually divided into: high-grade first layer of leather, second layer of leather, wool felt, silk and other materials; Mid-range discolor PU material, PU material, high density fabrics, velvet, paper imports; low-grade PVC, kraft paper, etc. different grade material, the price difference is several times even dozens of times!)
3: the choice of style (loose-leaf, Adhesive binding, threadbound, three folding, zipper bags and other styles)
4: size (Sizes directly affect how much product material will use, so this is an important factor affecting the price)
5: Inner-page paper selection and requirements (most commonly offset paper, dowling paper, the colors have beige and off-white color, weight range is 60g-120g, in addition, add color  advertisement page in inner-page(how many colors of printing, the number of ad page, and the weight/thickness of ad page papper) also have a important impact on the price.
So, we need to know this 5 infomations then we can give you accurate price, if you not know, pls contact us, we will help you.  =)

Outsource your own custom notebook / journal / diary with T&H. Pick your Size, Binding, Inner Page, Leather, Cover-Handling, Belt/Elastic Band and Accessories, etc.


Size Chart
A4 G8K 21 x 29.7 cm 8"1/4 x 11"3/4
B5 16K 18.4 x 25.6 cm 7''1/4 x 10''
A5 25K(G16K) 9.9 x 17.9 cm 4'' x 7''
B6 32K(G24K) 8.3cm x 16.7 cm 3''1/4 x 6''1/2


Binder Specification

Size A5 B5 A4
25K(G16K) 16K G8K
Loose leaf Notebook 6 Rings, 20 Rings 26 Rings 30 Rings
T&H DIY Binder Notebook 6 Rings,.20 Rings 29 Rings -


3.Inner Page

(1) Calendar: Dailyweekly, monthly, yearly… 
(2) Memo: Line, square grid, blank, regional map, city maps, contacts and checklist, etc.
Paper: 80~100 sheets / 60~100 gsm / 1~4 color printing / or assigned paper materials

4.Cover material Selections

Pick your company’s logo color for corporate gifts. We can manufacture diary / journal / planner / notebook. More about Leather Selections.


5.Cover Handling

Cover Handling: Embossing/Debossing, Gold/Silver stamping, and silk Printing

Debossing Debossing Debossing Debossing Debossing


Debossing Debossing Debossing Debossing


6.Belt/Elastic Band



  1. Red orange elastic band
  3. Black elastic band



More information: Data BagName Card BagSeparator Bookmark FootSeparator Page FootSeparator Page CardCap of a penZipper BagPocket PageCD BagCalculator


    Images above are for reference only. Please check the samples for the specs. 
    Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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