What kind of notepad cover materials ?

notebook manufacturers   Many customers in the process of consulting Notepad Notepad Cover When asked what kind of material when used, many customers said they do not know, but you know notepad custom price, customers are required to provide details of specific customized notepad, such as , cover material notepad also affect the price of a custom notepad essential factor, so understanding notepad cover material is particularly necessary.
  Notepad, notebook covers commonly used materials are leather, leather two categories, usually leather cowhide, sheepskin, crocodile leather, ostrich and so on. Leather and leather and floor leather layer separately. The first layer of the dermis layer of skin than the two prices much higher price. Imported leather, leather than domestic production, the price will be a lot more expensive. Microfiber Leather divided, simulated leather, medium leather, PU, ​​PVC plastic leather. Microfiber basic price and the floor price as leather, softness, toughness, wear resistance and so very good. Simulation leather artificial leather material novo synthesis, quality is also very good. From the texture, the first layer of the best natural leather, which is smaller than the leather, but the price is also high, generally high-end business customers will choose to use the first layer of the dermis. Taking into account the budgetary situation, it is now the most popular imitation leather, leather Another great feature is its varieties very much. Also more widely applicable.

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